Update: All Issues Fixed! Google+ For Android Updated With Many New Features From New Web UI

At Google I/O, Google announced a full redesign of Google+ for web users. They changed everything to the new card interface that they are so fond of, along with adding many new amazing features. One of those features was auto hashtag, made to expand on posts and allow you to get more content from them. This feature is included in the new update to the Android app, allowing you to see more relevant content in your stream.

There is also a new Locations area of the app, dedicated to seeing where your friends are. Those who share their location with you will show up here on a map, allowing you to easily find them and possibly meet up with them, if you enjoy the whole “social” and “outdoors” thing.

And of course, just as with the web interface, they went all out on the photo features. There is now a nice manual photo editing suite included, very much based on Snapseed (which is great). Photo uploads are now organized, with each set of photos getting highlights. Google+ will automatically choose the best shots (ones that are beautiful, contain people, and have no blur or mess ups) and display them first. Auto enhance makes an appearance too, which will use many changes to the photo automatically. Google’s algorithms for doing their new auto enhance are pretty impressive, described at the Google I/O keynote. Auto Awesome also comes to mobile, with the ability to automatically make animations of burst shots and more. Read more about these features in the article about the keynote!

These are the big improvements, but there are also a lot of tiny ones. Notifications have been visually improved, along with the ability to edit more profile fields. Download the app update and tell us if you find any cool changes! It seems that Google has tried really hard on the new Google+ and we’d love to hear what you think about it. Is Google’s love for cards creating an impressive connection between its apps, or are cards simply not the way to go? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

Mini Update: It seems that the app is only compatible with Gingerbread and Froyo devices at the moment. Google had a small screw up, and they’re fixing the issue now. So if you see that your device is incompatible, don’t panic. None of our modern devices are. Just give it a while and it’ll be sorted out!

Not mini update: The compatibility issues are all fixed! Go get your Google+ update by hitting the source link and tell us how you like it!

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