Google Introduces Button-Less Voice Search With Now, Adds Desktop Compatibility With Chrome Browser



This is the Google we know and love as they introduce a number of new cards for Google Now and something else equally amazing. As for the new cards, Google is introducing reminders, public transit commute time and recommendations for albums and books. Let’s be clear about this though, new cards for Google Now are welcomed but they are hardly what’s capturing our attention today.

Here’s what does have us totally excited as Google announces they are revamping the Google voice search feature available in the Chrome browser. Just say “Ok, Google” and it’ll work and function exactly like the Google Now you know and love from your Android device.

Google calls it “conversational search” with a brand new interface that doesn’t require any clicking in order to begin a search. Google is adopting the same button-less approach with Google Now on mobile devices as well with all searches being voice activated.

Today, we previewed what this conversational experience will look like in Chrome on your desktops and laptops. Soon, you’ll be able to just say, hands-free, “OK Google, will it be sunny in Santa Cruz this weekend?” and get a spoken answer. Then, you’ll be able to continue the conversation and just follow-up with “how far is it from here?” if you care about the drive or “how about Monterey?” if you want to check weather somewhere else, and get Google to tell you the answer.

The full press release details the new features.

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