Google I/O Is Tomorrow, Here Is What We Want And Expect

Google I/O starts tomorrow, and it’ll be the biggest three days of the year for the Android world. Hopefully, we’ll see some interesting and cool stuff come from Google, but without any solid info, we don’t know what will it be. Key Lime Pie, or just another Jelly Bean? A new Nexus device? A smart watch? The keynote is tomorrow, so I guess we’ll find out then. But for now, here is what we expect from Google I/O.


We really don’t expect to see Key Lime Pie at Google I/O (a release schedule that’s faster than yearly is not all that useful or smart). Thus, we’ll probably see a new version of Jelly Bean, probably called Android 4.3. This will give manufacturers some time to update their devices to 4.2 before going straight for Key Lime Pie.

We also expect to see Babel come to life. It’s supposed to be a combination of all existing Google chat services, like Talk and Hangouts, into one universal service. It’s something Google desperately needs, so we’re excited to see what they do with it. Rumors say it’ll launch under the name “Hangouts.”

Google Maps, Gmail, and maybe other core apps could be redesigned. Not only the web interfaces, but the Android apps may get a facelift too. We’ve already see supposedly real screenshots of Maps, and the Android app may see the same “card-like” UI. We’re excited to see what they do!

Will we see new hardware though? They say that they will focus on developers more, not hardware releases, so we don’t know. It’s probable to see some sort of Nexus 7 refresh, or even Nexus 4. But it’ll probably be kept to a minimum.


We want a lot from Google, but that’s a whole different rant for a different day. What do we want from Google I/O? A smart watch was rumored to come, but it seems a little unlikely. On the other hand, Google has been good about keeping secrets lately. So we’d love to see their attempt at an Android smart watch. Another thing we would love to see is a Nexus 4 with global LTE bands. We understand a CDMA Nexus 4 is unrealistic, but a GSM one that works on AT&T and T-Mobile LTE would be great. And a new Nexus 7 at a low price would be good too.

But what about you, dear readers? What would you like to see from Google I/O? Would a smart watch satiate your thirst for wearable technology when Google Glass is out of your reach? Or will you shoot low and want an LTE Nexus 4? Leave a comment and tell us what you want!

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