Google I/O Recap: It Went Pretty Well!

The Google I/O keynote is finally over. That was a lengthy 3 hour keynote, but it contained a lot of great information. Google announced so many new features, and though none of them were huge (like a new version of Android), they were all amazing and a big benefit to users. Here is a quick recap of what was announced at Google I/O.

Google Play recently got a redesign, and they took advantage of it with a new tablet filter. With lists in the Play Store, you can now add a filter called “Designed for tablets.” This will definitely push tablet app creation and improve the usability of Android tablets everywhere. This is an area where Android needs improvement, so it’s great to see Google focusing on it.

Along with that, they introduced a few new services. Google Music All Access is a new streaming service that will allow you to make customized radio stations and playlists. It’s a direct competitor to things like Spotify and Pandora, but with an arguably nicer interface. The service is available for $9.99 a month with a 30 day free trial. If you sign up before June 30th, you get it for $7.99 a month.

Another service is Google Play Games, an entire backend for gaming on Android. Google will now handle real time multiplayer, including eventually cross platform gaming. There will also be leaderboards, achievements (some apps already have them!), and cloud game saves between all your devices.

Google+ got a big redesign, along with a few of its services. Google+ got the new card interface, which is pretty gorgeous to me. It also has the new auto hashtag service, along with more interactive content. Google Photos also got a lot of features, like Auto Awesome. It’ll automatically edit photos for the best looking photos possible. Google Photos will also make animations out of burst shots and highlight reels from your best photos of an album.

Hangouts were also introduced as the new chat service, with history, photo sharing, video chatting across devices, and an “alive” look. It’s generally supposed to be the one stop place for all your chatting needs. With the app already out, you can try it out for yourself!

Voice search has also gotten a huge update. With Google Now gaining features, they also extended this search to desktops. You can talk to your device, get personalized results back, and plan trips accordingly. It’ll help your every day life significantly, in my opinion. And Google Now has become even better, so keep an eye out for the update.

Google Maps got the same treatment as Google+ with a beautiful new cards interface. It’s simple and beautiful, though we will see how it actually works. The Google Maps mobile app will also be updated in the same fashion, but they will be released in the summer.

Lastly, Google will soon be selling the Samsung Galaxy S 4 with completely stock Android. It will get updates as they’re released, it’ll have an unlocked bootloader, and it’ll be sold directly through Google for $649.

If you’re interested in more information for all these stories, check out DroidDog! We have articles on each of these stories with more info! Tell us, how did you like this years Google I/O?

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