Google Maps For Mobile Is Getting A Redesign, Card UI With Many New Features

Google Maps is getting a brand new user interface, across both Android and iOS. The leaked screenshots were pretty spot on, with the simple UI. There is a single search bar floating above, with new UI elements popping up when necessary. When searching for something, a small card pops up at the bottom. When you pull it up, all the information shows up. You can also swipe these cards to see more locations after searches.

Another thing they added is a 5 point rating system for easier ratings. Along with that, they integrated Google Offers. A location you press on will pop up offers available, which you can either use right there or save for later.

For those that use navigation, it’s been improved. There are new incident alerts, so you can check what happened along your route. To augment that, there is new dynamic rerouting to get you to your location faster than ever.

And what if you don’t know what to do? You can press the explore button, and choose what you want to do. Eat, drink, play, sleep and more are your options for doing something. And there, you’ll get recommendations on what to do in your area. It’ll offer street view and full integration with other features, new and old. All these features will come to mobile this summer, and we simply can’t wait. We hope that this means that Navigation on Android has been redesigned with the Holo interface. What do you guys think?

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