Google Now Allows Developers To Respond To Play Store Comments

Play Store comments on apps are the best way to get feedback on your creations. Yes, there will be many trolls and/or idiots who leave bad reviews for reasons you couldn’t think of even if you tried. But there are genuinely good comments with real feedback on how to better those apps. Before, the only way to get a response was to email the developer. Google let some developers respond to Play Store comments as a trial, but it was limited and most developers simply did not have that ability. But today, this ability has become available to everyone.

All developers can now respond to Play Store comments. This ability is available in the developer console, so start there if you’re interested. The person you’re replying to will receive an email notification for your response, and can respond by email or update the review if they wish. It’s a great feature that will definitely help many developers (as long as they avoid responding to negative comments in negative ways). The responses just have to follow Google’s posting guidelines.

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