Google Now Second Most Valuable Brand, Samsung Jumps 25 Spaces To Number 30

In a list of the most valuable companies made by BrandZ, Google has gone from third place to second. Its brand value is now $113.669 billion, overtaking IBM (who’s brand is valued at $112.536 billion). It’s a pretty tight race, but Google has taken second place. Of course, they are nowhere near Apple’s brand value of $185.071 billion, which puts them at the number one spot by a large margin.

Samsung made a huge jump of 25 spots, all the way up to number 30 on the list. This puts their brand value at $21.404 billion, an impressive leap of more than $7 billion in a year. Verizon dropped three spaces to number 12, while AT&T rose two spaces to number 6. What do you think of this data? Do you think it’s accurate? Is Samsung rising so fast a problem? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

BrandZ | Android Central

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