Google Photos Updated With Many New Features, Including Improving Photos With Auto Awesome

Google Photos has long been superior to other services on a technical level. With full size uploading, without the need for having it resized, it made photos that much better. But now, the storage has been upped from a measly 5GB to 15GB to take into account photos getting bigger and bigger. But that’s not even the tip of the iceberg.

Google has a new algorithm that will select the best photos from an album and make a highlight reel. Instead of having 1000 photos, it’ll select the best ones using your favorite people, smiles, landmarks, and even aesthetics of photos. And for all the photos that are blurry or over/underexposed, it’ll keep them away. It knows what photos are good or bad.

On top of that, they introduced Auto Awesome. This service will edit your photos for you, minimizing wrinkles, creating the perfect exposure, and more. And with burst shots, it’ll create animations from the photos. There are a lot of new features to make the photo experience as easy and as beautiful as possible, and should definitely give people a reason to start using Google Photos and Google+.

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