Google Redesigns Google+ With A New Card UI

Google+ has long been the underdog, but it seems like Google is once again pushing the service. They have redesigned the user interface with a new “cards” layout. The UI will adapt to the size of your display, with one to three columns of posts. Important posts can actually take up multiple columns.

Each post will have automatic hashtags. Depending on the content of your post, Google will automatically add hashtags to your post. Clicking on those hashtags will give you more information, with a fancy animation of the card flipping over. And if your post does not have any comments, it’ll scan your photos and analyze it. This will allow hashtags to appear without any user input whatsoever. Plus, with the beautiful cards interface, you’ll get information far easier.

So Google is moving towards the cards interface on all their products, so we can imagine the next announcements will be similar. Do you like it? We do. Do you think it looks good and works? Leave a comment!

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