Google Reportedly Dropping Plans For Physical Google Wallet Card


With Google I/O less than a week away, rumors surrounding possible Google announcements are now frequent enough to make your head spin. According to AllThingsD, Google will update its Wallet application next week, but has dropped plans to introduce a physical credit card to go along with it. The news includes word that the head of Google Wallet, Osama Bedier has left the company. The rumored card was said to look like a black face with the rainbow “W” of the Google Wallet logo and the standard raised numbers and magnetic strip familiar to all credit card holders.

Google had hoped that the introduction of the card would provide yet another avenue for Google to learn more about consumer purchases, as if they didn’t have enough of that data already. Google still plans to update Wallet rewards, offers and loyalty points and a larger group of merchants who will accept Wallet in the future.

Unfortunately, its rumored that Google Wallet won’t be included in at least one high-profile Google feature that is winning over fans everywhere: Google Now. AllThingsD sources indicate both the Google Wallet and Google Now teams are “siloed” which presents a level of difficulty in joining together.

The card was reportedly killed by Google CEO Larry Page after a glitchy demo last week as well as Page’s belief that a physical card doesn’t “press forward innovation” as payment startups like Square have done.

Will Google show off an improved Google Wallet at next weeks I/O conference? My 8-ball says “all signs point to yes.”


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