Google Search Gets Nutritional Info On Over 1,000 Foods

Google Search gets smarter and more useful every day, and now it can help you with your diet. Starting today and rolling out over the next 10 days to US users, Google Search will offer you info cards on searched foods containing information about nutrition. It knows over 1,000 foods, including simple fruits and vegetables and even more complex foods like burritos.

You can now ask Google Search about calorie content, protein, carbs, or just type the name of the food and get a card with detailed information. And using Google’s Knowledge Graph, it’ll provide results to natural speech. For example, searching “summer squash” will include results for “zucchini” because it is a type of summer squash. This should be extremely helpful for people watching their diet. A lot will get a lot of use out of this new feature, including me.

You should see this feature pop up in Google Search or Google Now if you have a Jelly Bean device sometime within 10 days if you’re in the US and you use the English language. How do you like this new feature? Is Google Search a big help to your life? Sure is for me.

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