Google Sync Services Now Offers To Sync App Data

It looks like Google is throwing in some features without telling us. If you head to your sync settings, you might see a new entry. “Sync App Data” has now been thrown into the fray, without any explanation to what it does. However, it’s quite easy to assume. This may be the new sync service for Google Play Games, a service that has been found in Google’s own files multiple times. And just now, it was in a changelog for a game called Eufloria. Could this be the service that syncs game saves, achievements, and other data related to games?

Hopefully we’ll find out at I/O, which is just about to start. This could be a part of their announcement, but classic Google releases these features before the announcement. Those clowns, teasing us all! What do you think this sync option is for? Leave a comment and watch DroidDog for more info as Google I/O unfolds!

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