Google’s Conversational Search Now Live With Chrome 27 Update

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Hello Google Chrome conversation voice search now up and running with the newest update to Chrome 27. It’s still a little finicky and isn’t as complete as the Google I/O demo showed us just yet, but you’ll see the microphone in the main search window on

The bright-side of Google’s conversation search is the natural language and semantic search aspects which make it feel as real as possible. It’s not perfect mind you and it certainly helps to be in a quiet room during my brief testing, but it’s still just as awesome to use as you can imagine.

Asking a question or doing a search is the real meat of conversational search, but the real magic happens when you want to continue the existing search. For example, ask Google how old is Barack Obama and you’ll receive an answer for 51. Then initiate a second search ask “how tall is he?” Google will figure out you are talking about Barack Obama and give you the answer of 6 feet 1 inches. Now, ask Google “who is his wife” and you’ll get Michelle Obama.

In other words, Google is keeping track of the conversation. All in all in the technical aspects of this are really quite difficult, but Google has seemingly put it all together in a way that’s both fluid and functional. It’s not perfect and there are still some rough edges, but we can all rest assured Google will continue to refine this process over time. Either way, it’s off to a great and fun start.

Engadget via Search Engine Land

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