Google’s Eric Schmidt Thought “Don’t Be Evil” Was A Stupid Slogan

Google’s slogan, “Don’t be evil,” has been a well known and appreciated part of the company. Generally, their company policies and actions have been gracious and likable. But Eric Schmidt, Google’s chairman, has considered it to be “the stupidest rule ever.” That’s some pretty evil words right there. But his explanation makes sense. He says that “there’s no book about evil except, maybe, you know, the Bible or something.” We can go into how to define evil or who sets the guidelines for evil, but we’ll leave that to you.

It makes sense. It wasn’t worded elegantly, but it makes sense. He also says that the motto has brought a lot of good in the company, so there is that. But what do you think? Is Google’s motto important, or is it just something to help people like them? Leave a comment!


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