Google’s Upcoming “Babel” Chat Service To Debut As “Hangouts?”


Goodbye Babel, hello Hangouts as the “Babel” name for Google’s upcoming unified chat service has apparently been retired in favor of “Hangouts.” That’s the word TechRadar is receiving from their inside source at Google, the same individual who provided the screenshots to support the name change.

The name Hangout won’t come as any surprise as Google already uses that for the video chat service utilized through Google+. Unfortunately, that’s all TechRadar was able to learn from their source, other than to say that Google is sending out thank you emails for the services employees have worked on for introduction at next weeks I/O keynote.

Hangouts is expected to roll Google Chat, Google Talk, and Google+ Messenger into one unified chat system. Sources have claimed Hangouts will be “everything we have ever asked for in a unified messenger service.”

That’s a tall order but if anyone can deliver, it’s Google. We’ll find out when it all goes down next week.




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