How Do You Use Your Technology When You Travel?

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Traveling. It’s something that we’ve all been a part of. Whether it’s a short day-trip, a two-month business trip, or a week-long vacation, it’s traveling. But as time has gone on, we’ve further incorporated technology into the way we travel. Satellite internet is available all throughout the air and oceans, televisions can be found in any hotel room, and every direction that you look in an airport has people using cellphones, tablets, and laptops. Technology has affected the way that we travel in an impressive way so how do you use it?

Recently I went on a cruise. In fact, I’m writing this as I sit in the airport waiting for my flight back home. During this entire experience, I’ve paid closer attention to how people use technology while travelling. Of course, I’ve seen technology in use while traveling before and I’ve certainly participated in that. But I kept a closer eye out this time. Throughout the cruise, you could find plenty of people using their phones or iPods to listen to music. Music is something that’s used for a huge variety of reasons. Some people use it to relax themselves and let go of stress. Others use it to keep themselves energized while they exercise or quickly power through a task. No matter what, people love it and that’s reflected in how much we listen to it while traveling.

One of the options that people now use for their music habits is streaming. But if you’re in the air or on a cruise, you don’t have internet access unless you pay for it. That’s why we now have the option of downloading our music to our devices. Even if our phone or tablet is in airplane mode, we can still use them to listen to music without ever needing internet access unless we want to stream or download new songs. There are plenty of services that offer this sort of thing with the latest being Google Play Music All Access. While it may have a ridiculously long name, it separates itself from the rest by allowing you to combine your existing music bought from Google Play as well as your own music stored by Google in the cloud. Which means that if it’s not available through Play Music All Access, you can get it somewhere else and merely incorporate into your Play Music library.

But we don’t just use our phones for music while we travel. We also use them for social media and, this kind of ties into that, as cameras. Throughout the entire cruise, people were running around and looking for somewhere to charge their phone so that they could take pictures. Everywhere we stopped, people were running around with their phones as they took pictures of their travels. After that they would look for somewhere with Wi-Fi to throw them up on social media.

That’s something in and of itself, the rush for Wi-Fi. In all seriousness, there were flocks of people around open Wi-Fi hotspots. I must admit, I was one of them. With how expensive it is to use satellite internet, people were much keener to wait and try to find an open Wi-Fi network when they reached shore. Until you’re cut off from it. you don’t truly realize how precious an internet connection is. Which means that you’re left to run around land as you try and find an open Wi-Fi network to connect to during your spare time.

In a way that pertains more to Android, let’s talk about Google Now. Unexpectedly, Google Now is actually an incredibly handy partner while traveling. The cards that pop up are things that you don’t normally get to see. Such as currency exchange rates which were quite possibly the handiest thing in the world when you went into shops that didn’t have the exchange rates listed for items. Another great card was a Translate card that had a list of commonly used phrases and their translations into the language of the country that you’re in. This would be extremely handy if you were in an area that didn’t have English as a common second language. There were also cards such as a card for common photo spots nearby and then some of the more common cards like nearby attractions, events, and restaurants. Google has really done a great job of making Google Now into a tool that actually helps you with your everyday life by being able to predict what you’re doing. Props to Google for that major accomplishment.

But I’m just rambling now, it’s time to hear from the people who matter and they’re you guys. The loyal readers who must have their own opinions on these sorts of matters. What do you guys think of technology while travelling? How do you use it? I’d truly love to know your thoughts on the matter so type out some words to let me know what you think.

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