HTC And Google Introduce The One With Stock Android, Nexus User Experience

This has been a hot rumor for the last few weeks, with so much info on both sides. Many people have said that this device exists, with insider information and the sorts. However, at one point, an HTC rep came out and said that a stock Android HTC One simply doesn’t exist. Obviously, we were conflicted.

However, Sundar Pichai (the head of Android) has revealed the new stock HTC One, which runs fully stock Android just like the stock Galaxy S 4 and the current line of Nexus devices. It will receive updates straight from Google, just as expected. However, no hardware changes have been made. This means that you’re still stuck with the unusual two button layout. But luckily, this also means that it will have full LTE support for both AT&T and T-Mobile, so you can buy it for either carrier.

We’ll also have to consider how the device performs without HTC software. Sure, it might be faster, but what about the camera? We’re sure HTC finely tuned the camera to take the best photos, but how will it fare with AOSP? The same goes for BoomSound, really. Will AOSP overall benefit the phone, or just please fanboys of stock Android and worsen the experience for every regular person? You know there are people out there who would want to have Jelly Bean hacked onto their old phone even if it means their camera doesn’t work at all; a worsened camera on the One wouldn’t bother them if it meant stock Android goodness.

The device will launch, just like the stock S 4, in the United States initially, so only we will have the first chance of owning it. It’ll go for $599 with 32GB of memory, cheaper than the 16GB S 4, straight from the Play Store on June 26th. Since it’s coming out so soon, what do you think? Will you get one? Is it better than your HTC One or Nexus 4? Leave a comment!

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