HTC One Allegedly Getting 4.2.2 Update In The Coming Weeks

Both the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S 4 launched at approximately the same time, but the gap in their software was pretty big. The Galaxy S 4 launched with the newest version of Android available, 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. Previously relegated to Nexus devices, Samsung adopted it for their newest flagship. However, the HTC One launched with 4.1.2, a much older (but not too much worse) version of Android. It’s quite a shame really, as there is no good excuse for it. If Samsung used 4.2.2, why couldn’t HTC?

Luckily, a rumor is going around that HTC will be updating their flagship to 4.2.2 sometime in the coming weeks. It’ll be receiving the newest version of Android (right after 4.3 was spotted on the white Nexus 4). Better late than never, and it isn’t all that late, but it’s still not the ideal situation.

With Android 4.3 launching soon, this will make the HTC One behind once again. However, the Galaxy S 4 will suffer the same fate. Then it’ll be a race to 4.3, but which manufacturer will be first? We’re taking bets, and I’m betting on Samsung here. HTC still has a ways to go before their reputation for updating devices is cleared of any wrongdoings (after the Galaxy S debacle, it took Samsung years to fix their rep). Who do you think will be first?

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