HTC One With Stock Android Allegedly Coming This Summer, Despite HTC Denying It

When Google announced the Samsung Galaxy S 4 with stock Android, it was quite exciting. We would finally see a Nexus device with top of the line hardware and little to no compromises. And best of all, the first Nexus device with a good camera on it. We’re sure a lot of people want this device, but what about other devices becoming Nexusified? Could this be a new trend? Would HTC do the same with the beautiful, unibody HTC One?

HTC took the liberty of answering that with a big fat no. We were disheartened. The market for such a device would be massive. But don’t lose hope just yet. LlabTooFeR, someone who has a lot of insider information on HTC, says that he knows “for a fact” that a “Senseless HTC One” will come. And considering how often he’s right, we’re inclined to believe him. He says it should come by the end of the summer.

So with that tiny spark of hope restored, will you wait for the Google edition of the HTC One? Will it be your next phone, even if you have to pay off contract prices for it? Leave a comment letting us know!

Twitter: LlabTooFeR | BGR

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