HTC Posts Video Of Their Product Timeline And Innovations

HTC has been in the cell phone game for quite a while, even before the term “smartphone” was commonly used. They have made a lot of devices, and plenty of them were innovative. They made phones with keyboards, touch screens, and even the first 3G Windows Mobile smartphone. They’ve also been customizing phone software long before Sense UI on Android, with custom Sense skins on WinMo.

And of course, you know HTC best for them making the first Android smartphone, the HTC G1 here in the US. They also made Android far more usable with Sense UI on Android. Then they made the EVO 4G, the first 4G Android smartphone. From there, we’re sure you know that their reputation dropped quickly and their innovation settled down. However, with the HTC One, they may be back in the game.

HTC has a big history before the G1 and even the older Windows Mobile 6 smartphones, and it’s nice that they are celebrating it a little. We hope HTC stays in the smartphone game, because we would hate to see them go. What do you think of the video?

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