HTC Trying To Find Way To Support Early HTC One Adopters Who Wanted The Google Edition

If you’re a big fan of stock Android, but ended up buying an HTC One over a Nexus anyway, you may have been a bit disappointed that Google and HTC announced a Google Edition of the One with full stock Android. This late announcement probably made quite a few people unhappy, but that’s often how things turn out. However, HTC says that they are “examining the best way to support early adopters of the One” who got, as some would exaggerate, “screwed over.”

First of all, this may just be a statement to make people feel better until they forget about it. This isn’t to insult HTC, but a lot of companies do it. They very well end up doing nothing, but there is always the chance that they will. So what could they possibly do to make those who bought an HTC One feel better about missing out on the Google Edition.

One idea is to offer a full stock ROM for the device. It would be a flashing utility, or maybe even just a ROM file, that would have to be flashed after the bootloader was unlocked via official means. This would allow people to use stock Android 4.2.2 without having to buy a special version of the phone.

Another thing they could do is work with Google to merge the One into AOSP, like Sony once attempted, or even just an AOSP GitHub like Sony is doing now for the Xperia Z. Having the code to build AOSP would greatly improve the developer community, and it would be a huge move for HTC. Plus, with a fully working AOSP ROM already made for the Google Edition, there is no reason not to.

If HTC One owners were given the chance to run fully working AOSP on their carrier models, it would be a massive advantage for HTC. The incredible amount of positive press, mixed with more people buying their products because of their support, would just kick ass. Would you like to see that? Tell us in the comments what HTC could do for its customers!

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