HTC Will Not Follow Samsung’s Footsteps And Make A Nexus Variant Of The HTC One

It came as a big surprise to us that Samsung and Google teamed up to release a version of the Galaxy S 4 with completely stock Android, but it was a very pleasant surprise. The device seems amazing, and should definitely serve its purpose. But what does this mean for other devices? Will they ever get a “Nexus” variant?

The first device that comes to mind is the HTC One. I know a lot of people would just love to see a stock-ified One that got updates from Google (as someone who doesn’t like Sense but loves the One hardware, count me in!). However, things just weren’t meant to be. A company spokesperson revealed that they are not planning to make a Nexus edition of the HTC One, so we can forget about that. That’s one dream crushed. Too bad, huh?

Techno Buffalo

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