HTC’s April Revenue Rises A Bit With Release Of The One

As we all know by now, HTC’s profits have been steadily declining. Their success as a company is riding on the HTC One, and with the release of its unaudited revenue for the month of April, it seems to be working. HTC took in $660 million in April, a significant increase over the $540 million it earned in March. And considering that the HTC One came out in late April in many places, that increase could be exclusively from the last week and a half of the month.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite up to par with their revenue from April of 2012, which was $1.2 billion. But it’s just the start. With the HTC One selling across three carriers, they should be seeing revenue increase significantly. And this fairly small increase is already a sign of hope. It even seems likely that HTC will reach their goal of $2.73 billion in revenue for the second quarter of 2013. Looks like HTC may be on its way up again.

Android Central

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