In Their Quest Against Samsung, Apple Claims Google Now Infringed On Siri Patents

With Samsung under fire all this time from Apple and its lawyers, we didn’t expect it to stop. However, we also didn’t expect them to go after Google services. When adding the Galaxy S 4 to their lawsuit against Samsung, they also added in a few Siri patents that they claim are violated by Samsung’s inclusion of Google Now. This is not a Samsung feature, but a Google one, yet they go after Samsung for using it. That’s fair. Here is an excerpt from Apple’s filing on Google Now’s violation:

To further complicate matters, Apple’s infringement analysis of the ’604 and ’959 patents focuses on Google functionality that Samsung incorporates into its devices. For example, in its original contentions, Apple identified Google’s “Quick Search Box” found on the accused Samsung phones as satisfying the limitations of the ’604 and the ’959 patents. Since Apple initially served those infringement contentions, however, Google released the Google Now search application, which,in some instances, replaces the Quick Search Box, but incorporates the relevant ’604 and ’959 patented functionality. Google did not begin production of the source code for this application until at least the beginning of April.

Moreover, as a direct result of the new claim construction, Apple was required to investigate the Google Play Books, Google Play Music, GooglePlay Movies and TV, Google Play Store and Android Market developed by Google. Google did not fully produce the source code for these apps until May 13, 2013.

This never ends, does it? But looking at it positively, Apple’s legal actions are no longer seen as “doomsday” and are generally shrugged off like a little kid hitting his mom’s leg because she won’t give him a cookie. But what’s your opinion on this new update to the trial? Leave a comment!

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