Koush Creates Auto Rooting Recovery For HTC One Because Wil Wheaton Had Trouble Rooting

Who knew the evening adventures of one man trying to root his new phone would inspire a new version of ClockworkMod recovery? Well Wil Wheaton was trying to root his HTC One yesterday, and he had some trouble. He unlocked his bootloader and installed a recovery, but his partitions didn’t want to mount. He ended up posting about it on Google+, showing his admiration for the GNex, and then going to bed.

When someone is in need, a superhero usually comes to the rescue. But in this case, Koush came along to help. He created the new Wil Wheaton recovery for the AT&T and T-Mobile HTC One. The recovery.img should be flashed in fastboot, but after that, rooting is dead easy. If it detects you do not have root when you reboot the device, it’ll ask you if you want to root. That’s pretty amazing, if you ask me. Hit the source links to see the original posts and comment with your thoughts!

+Koushik Dutta | +Wil Wheaton | Droid-Life

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