LG Event In China Only For Optimus G Pro, No New Devices

When LG announced that they would hold an event in New York City, we were quite excited. We theorized that it would be for the LG Optimus G Pro making its appearance in the US. A few days later, LG announced that the event would indeed be for the OG Pro (party poopers, ruining surprises). They did indeed announce the device, exclusive to AT&T but awesome in every way.

So when LG announced another event for May 30th in Macau, China, we got pretty excited. Could it be a brand new LG Optimus G? The OG Pro might be their powerhouse, but what of their flagship “premium” model? However, LG dashed our hopes and ruined another surprise. More than a week before the event, they announce what it will be about (seriously, what’s with that?). They’ll be announcing the OG Pro in China, nothing new. That’s pretty disappointing, but the Optimus G has plenty of life left in it anyway. Are you disappointed? Do you think it’s ridiculous for LG to announce what they will be announcing later? Leave a comment!

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