LG Rumored To Be Making The Next Nexus Phone, Maybe Other Hardware For Google

Rumors are easily thought up and easily shot down, but we’ve heard this one quite a bit. Korea Times is the latest to claim that LG is working on the next Nexus phone with Google. Unfortunately, there are no details about it, like whether it’ll be based on the LG Optimus G Pro or LG Optimus G2, or if it’ll be a unique device like the Galaxy Nexus was. Of course, LG won’t comment on the situation, as expected.

But LG seems to want to work on more than just a smartphone with Google. With a fairly successful smart TV business, LG is looking for cooperation with Google on TVs. This could mean that LG is contemplating using Google TV, but we honestly don’t see much point the way things are going. Also, Glass was mentioned. The first batch was built by Google in the US to make sure that everything was perfect, but could the final product be built by LG?

Korea Times | Engadget

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