Midweek Poll: Should Every Android Phone Manufacturer Offer A “Google Edition” Option?

Google Edition

When Google announced the Google Edition Samsung Galaxy S 4 at Google I/O earlier this month, it took a lot of us by surprise.  It’s such an interesting prospect.  A lot of us Android fans love the stock Android experience, and for that to be offered on the Galaxy S 4 might be a dream come true for you.  We’re even hearing rumors about HTC offering a Google edition One in the near future.

Are these “Google Edition” devices enticing to you?  They’ll be officially supported by Google, so it will always be on the latest version of Android which is something you’ll never get on a non-Google supported device.  Yet they’ll be lacking the popular TouchWiz features like multi window or air view, and it won’t have Sense’s blinkfeed.  So we were wondering, Should every Android phone manufacturer offer a “Google Edition” option?

Let us know what you think by participating in our Midweek Poll.  If I left out an option you feel is important be sure to comment below and let us know how you feel.  Happy hump day!

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