Motorola XT1058 Hits The FCC, Is This The Mystery XFON?

Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 9.18.58 AM

The FCC can often give away to a company’s deep, dark smartphone secrets and that may be especially true in the case of this new Motorola filing. Labeled “XT 1058,” the device is listed with having AT&T-compatible LTE bands, bluetooth 4.0, NFC and other various traits that have us believing this is a high-end smartphone.

With the images of a possible XFON spotted earlier in the month, this image looks like it could be similar to those images. Though it’s hard to say anything is certain, it’s possible that given the shape and AT&T labeling we could, emphasis on could be looking at the rumored Motorola XFON.

Right now we’re only looking at this sketch of the rear of the device, but it does match up in part to those leaked AT&T shots.

Let the rumor of the mysterious XFON continue!

FCC via Phonescoop


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