New Google Maps Sign-Up Page Briefly Goes Live, Hints At Vastly Improved Maps Experience


With rumors that Google was set to give Google Maps a facelift, it comes as little surprise as a new version leaks in greater detail this morning. The folks at Droid-Life managed to capture some shots of a sign-up page that is expected to go live sometime after this mornings Google I/O keynote.

The first highlight of the sign-up page indicates Google will tailor maps to your search. In other words, Google will do what it does best, show you the things it thinks matters most to you. Whether or not that means custom maps or maps that learn as I use them is unknown, but its standard Google fare.

There’s a new UI similar to Google’s mobile apps, WebGL-powered overhead views taken from Google Earth, Flight Search integration and the ability to compare multiple routes and multiple modes of transportation.

Unfortunately, the page has been taken down but with the keynote just hours away, we expect it won’t be long until we can see this in live detail.

Hit the link below for the full gallery.

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