New Leak Gives Us Another Peek At Those Insanely Thin LG Bezels

Mystery evleaks LG device

It was less than a week ago that we got our first peak at a new mystery LG device.  That giant display with tiny bezels and so many unanswered questions…  Today, @evleaks was at it again and provided us another look at this new device as seen above.  Still, no new developments or evidence bringing us details for what the device is.  After @evleaks tweeted the new image, he tweeted “Circumstantial evidence points to G2, FWIW.”  So @evleaks thinks it’s the new LG Optimus G2.  We know that LG has sent out invitations for an announcement coming up later this month where we know that some type of new G model will be released.  Really, we have no answers and can only sit back and admire the technology that we expect to one day come.

But if you wish to speculate, what do you think this device is? The next Nexus we’ll be seeing at Google I/O next week? Or do you agree with @evleaks and it’s a Optimus G2? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.


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