Nexus 4 With Android 4.3 Seen At Thailand Mobile Expo

We’ve heard pretty much nothing about Android 4.3 aside from it being confirmed by some sources, along with a June 10th release date (that’ll also bring a white Nexus 4). Now we finally get to see a little more detail! This Nexus 4, running what looks to be a legitimate build of Android 4.3, was found at a mobile expo in Thailand. It has a kernel built in May and a build number of JWR45B, which all seems to line up, though we can’t know for sure.

These screenshots don’t really show anything new except for an improved camera UI. The old camera had a fatal flaw: when you hold your finger on the screen, your finger covers some options. It looks like Google moved the settings around to make them more accessible, while keeping a similar look to the UI. It looks to be a good improvement. Nothing else is shown off or known about the build, so we’ll have to wait until that rumored June 10th release date. Do you like what you see? Leave a comment!

XDA-Developers (2) | Droid-Life

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