Opera’s Web-Kit Based Browser Now Available In The Play Store, Ready To Take On Chrome


Opera’s finally ready to unveil their Webkit-powered browser for Android to the world as it exits its beta today. We first caught wind of the browser during a brief preview in February at Mobile World Congress. The beta launched in March and exits into the Play Store with a few new features and a promise of something better. Opera surprised many when it decided to ditch its Presto browser engine in favor of the more standardized Webkit. The final result is more speed, more speed and more speed.

Along with the beta features, the new Play Store edition includes a new user interface including the option of placing the navigation bar at the top or bottom of the screen. Text wrap and full screen mode for tabs are now also included and of course stability improvements.

Opera adds one of my most requested features in every web-browser these days: a unified URL-search bar. That’s not all though:

Opera has rethought, redesigned and rebuilt the browser experience into a thing of beauty. But what is beauty without brains? Opera for Android has something for both brain hemispheres.

The interface of Opera has been redesigned, with a lighter color scheme, and made super intuitive to use. Opera for Android brings a new perspective of the web to your smartphone, ready to go after a quick and free install from the Google Play store. It’s our Discover feature, and you’re going to call it the best thing to happen to a browser since the back button.

With Discover, finding new and inspiring articles is just a quick swipe to the right from your home screen. It’s like having an itsy-bitsy personal assistant in the browser, scouting out the hottest news and feeding it to people as they like. Pick your interests from categories such as Arts, News, Technology and more, and get back to discovering the internet all over again. It’s all automatic, already installed in your Opera browser for Android.

Opera is available at the Play Store link below and you can read the whole press release at the link below.

Play Store

TheNextWeb via Opera

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