Photos Of What Could Be The Galaxy S 4 Active Leak

Samsung motioned a “rugged” version of the Galaxy S 4 in a pretty unenthusiastic way, more of a side note than an anything exciting. However, after it was mentioned, rumors have been flying. And this may be the first look we get at the device. With a red full metal shell with some (sexy) exposed bolts and black inserts at the top and bottom, it’s a wildly different design from the standard Galaxy S 4. I like this departure from Samsung’s normal styling, and I think they could make an incredible high end metal device if they toned down the “rugged” aesthetic a bit.

Looking at the front, you’ll see black glass with a familiar speaker grill up top. But at the bottom, you’ll see three hard keys instead of the standard capacitive keys flanking a physical home button. Physical buttons are the norm for most rugged smartphones, so this was expected. But (especially) for a rugged device, it looks pretty stunning.

Looking at the specs on this device reveals a Snapdragon 600 quad core clocked at 1.9GHz, just like the standard Galaxy S 4, However, pixel density is reported at 480 ppi so the display could be different. Is it smaller? Will they drop the AMOLED panel for this variant? We aren’t sure. As for the camera, it’s been bumped down to 8MP from the originals 13MP. This is probably to save space, use a smaller sensor to get a more rugged shell for the sensor itself.

Samsung has not come out and officially announced the Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active, but it seems that it has been demoed in Croatia. Hopefully we’ll see it become official soon, and an appearance in the US would be amazing. So, what do you guys think of this design? Do you like what Samsung did? Is metal the go to material for smartphones now? Leave a comment!

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