Play Store Will Soon Have A “Designed For Tablets” Filter

Tablets have long been a bit of an afterthought in the Android world. Tablets haven’t been so popular, and good apps for them have been pretty sparse. Of course, it’s been quickly improving, but Google is now doing more about it. Soon, there will be a new filter called “Designed For Tablets.” This will allow you to see the best tablet apps in each list in the Play Store, like “Top Paid” and “Top Free.” This is something Android sorely needed. And the new Play Store helps with that, by allowing the best suggestions for tablets with the new user interface.

This means that tablet apps will have a lot more focus. Not only will users see better tablet apps for them to use, but developers will definitely get more recognition for their hard work on tablet UIs. The Android tablet market is skyrocketing right now, and this will definitely boost it.

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