Poll: Will You Use BlackBerry Messenger For Android?

BlackBerry Messenger for Android

Back in 2009, I had a rad BlackBerry 8900 on T-Mobile and loved that phone.  I also loved using BlackBerry Messenger because I could get around having to pay for a large texting package with my unlimited data plan.  I think I had the lowest texting plan I could which was like 250 texts a month which suited me fine with me and my BBM.  I still remember however trying to find ways to communicate with my brother-in-law on his iPhone and never coming up with a good solution.  It would’ve been really nice to have BBM for iOS and Android.

Today, BBM was announced for Android and iOS by BlackBerry which I guess is cool.  It’ll be a handy way to communicate with your friends on BlackBerrys, but is really necessary now?  Will you be using it.  This is our question for you today.  Will you be using BBM for Android?

Let us know by participating in the poll.  If I haven’t covered your thoughts in the poll, be sure to comment below.  It’s always fun to have apps and services that will work across mobile platforms, but will this be one you will use?  Thanks for participating everyone!

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