Possible Google Maps Refresh Screenshots Leaked

If you think that the interface for Google Maps has gotten a bit stale, we may have some good news for you. Google Maps works, and often very well, but this facelift would be awesome. These screenshots were leaked and are claiming to be the new Google Maps under development. This user interface does away with the standard omnipresent UI elements, instead choosing floating “cards” above the map.

Either this is Google moving forward with the cards interface, or it’s a great mockup of what Google should do. We don’t know if these screenshots of real, but they sure do look good. And even the map has been redone, with a more refined look. Now fix Google Maps for Android! Navigation isn’t going to make itself pretty.

So do you guys think these screenshots are real? Do they look good and functional? Or should Google keep the cards on mobile devices? Tell us your opinion in the comments!

Tech Crunch

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