Root App: Enable MicroSD USB Mass Storage On A Variety Of Samsung Galaxy Devices

With the introduction of Ice Cream Sandwich on Android phones, USB mass storage went the way of the dinosaurs. It was replaced by MTP, a system that has its ups and downs. MTP allows you to mount your storage to both your phone and computer at once, instead of rendering your phone unusable when mounted to a computer. It also allows for the removal of partitioning the storage, creating as much space for apps as you want instead of limiting you like old FAT32 systems did. It’s a good system and Google was probably right in switching to it, but MTP has its flaws.

For Windows computers, it shows no thumbnails for photos, which is a huge annoyance. It’s also a little slow, and likes to ask you to convert things uselessly. But if you’re not running Windows, MTP is a much bigger hassle. Don’t you wish you could get USB mass storage back, at least for your microSD? With root and a new app called SG USB Mass Storage Enabler, you now can!

This app will allow your rooted device to mount your microSD card to your computer as a standard USB mass storage device, just like you put it into a card reader. Unfortunately, it won’t work on your internal memory (it isn’t FAT32!). It includes toggles for your homescreen to turn it on and off. It’ll also warn you when you try to disable the app without unmounting the device on your computer, for safety reasons.

The app has been found to work on quite a few Samsung devices, like the Galaxy S 4 (both Exynos and Snapdragon), Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S III, and Grand Duos. Try it on devices that were not listed at your own risk, but theoretically, it should work on most modern Samsung devices.

The app is free, but it has ads. You can disable ads completely, but don’t be that guy. Support the developer. Hit the source link to download the app, and visit the original XDA thread for more info!

Play: SG USB Mass Storage Enabler | XDA-Developers | XDA Portal

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