Samsung Announces Galaxy Core, Nearly Identical To Its Other Low End Phones

Samsung is no stranger to the budget phone, but they tend to release too many. And not just too many different models, but too mane models that are nearly identical. Here is the Samsung Galaxy Core, which is a low end smartphone with nothing to differentiate it from the competition aside from some fancy software tricks learned from the Galaxy S 4. With a 4.3″ display with an 800×480 resolution, a 1.2GHz dual core, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of memory with a microSD slot, and a 5MP camera, it’s nothing to take a second look at for most of us. It’s barely an upgrade from the Galaxy S III Mini, which had a 4″ display and a 1GHz dual core with the rest of the specs being identical. However, it does have the new motion features from the Galaxy S 4, along with some other nice software like Smart Stay and S Voice.

Where the budget phone market thrives, this phone will naturally succeed. While there may not be a real point to releasing so many nearly identical devices, Samsung succeeds at it at the moment. The dual SIM Galaxy Core will be available in May, while the single SIM model will come July. Are any of you by any chance going to get one? Or do you think so many device launches is useless? Leave a comment!

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