Samsung Buys 10% Stake In Pantech, Could It Be Anti Competition?

Pantech is a South Korean electronics maker who has recently been getting bigger and more popular, releasing some really nice Android devices here in the US. And back in South Korea, it has grown to the number 3 phone marker. Still, they aren’t all that big. They’ve also been having some issues with debt recently, so Samsung buys a 10% stake in the company, worth $50 million.

With its large debts, Pantech could benefit significantly from a big backer such as Samsung. On the other hand, it could be viewed as anti competitive that Samsung would buy a stake in a rival company, and one that’s growing pretty fast. Could Samsung be doing this to keep its spot as number one, or is this just a mutually beneficial partnership? We’ll leave that one to the crazy conspiracy theorists. But what do you guys think? Leave a comment!


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