Samsung Could Be Looking Into Fingerprint Readers For Phones

Looking through a leaked firmware for the Samsung Galaxy S III, it was noticed that Samsung may have forgotten to take out a few elements. Found in SecSettings.apk\res\drawable-hdpi, there were a bunch of files related to fingerprints and the registering of said fingerprints. Could Samsung be testing a device with a fingerprint reader on it? These images suggest so, as fingerprint reading could be a part of TouchWiz on an unannounced device.

Fingerprint reading has been done in the Android world before. The Motorola Atrix was a mainstream phone with a fingerprint reader, but obviously it didn’t take off. Samsung might be giving it a shot, although this could just as easily be a project that was scrapped. We don’t know, but we will see what Samsung has to announce! Would you buy a device with a fingerprint reader? Would you use it? Leave a comment!


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