Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Beats iPad Mini In Consumer Reports Rankings, Galaxy S 4 Ranked Best Smartphone

Consumer Reports has put out some interesting info: The Samsung Galaxy S 4 is now their top rated smartphone. This device has dethroned the LG Optimus G from its throne in their rankings. Consumer Reports praises the Galaxy S 4 for its camera, multitasking abilities, and cool but gimmicky features. And while there is a huge war between those who love the S 4 and those who prefer the HTC One, they have made their choice. Samsung’s newest flagship takes its throne.

Of course, this doesn’t take into account the newly announced Google edition of the Galaxy S 4. This device will run fully stock Android, have an unlocked bootloader, and will receive updates much faster. Could this device get better marks for being faster, lighter on the bloat, and hacker friendly? Or will it fare worse due to the lack of gimmicks features? Only time will tell.

In a pretty surprising bit of news, Consumer Reports also rated the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 higher than the iPad Mini in the 7 to 8 inch WiFi tablet category. Being more expensive, at $400, it isn’t quite an amazing value, but neither is the iPad Mini. The Note 8.0 offers a higher resolution display, an S Pen, expandable memory, a GPS chip, and many software features that the iPad Mini does not. So it makes sense why it came out on top. It’s nice seeing Android devices at the top of rankings, even though we know they have been better for a while (wink wink). Tell us what you think of these decisions in the comments!

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