Samsung Galaxy S 4 32GB, Stealth Black HTC One Now Available From AT&T

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Some good news for you Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One fans as the 32GB variant of the former and the Stealth Black color of the latter are now available from AT&T.

Our long wait to find a 32GB model of the Galaxy S 4 on any of US carriers is now at an end with a $249 price tag on the death star network herself. With the 16GB model taking some flack for only having around 8GB of internal memory available for apps, the 32GB will offer a little more breathing room and is well worth the higher price. Keep in mind, it’s black mist or bust right now on the larger size as the white frost color is nowhere to be found in the 32GB sizing.

Another exclusive highlight is the release of the 32GB and AT&T exclusive 64GB Stealth Black HTC One. Pricing is the same as the silver version of the $32GB at $199, with the 64GB variant setting you back $299. The 64GB sizing has remained an AT&T exclusive even before launch, at least for the moment as the manufacturer has announced no plans for release on any other carrier.

Now the million dollar question, will you go with the Galaxy S 4 and TouchWiz or HTC and Sense 5? Decisions, decisions.

HTC One 64GB, Galaxy S 4 32GB
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