Samsung Galaxy S 4 Bootloader Unlock For AT&T And Verizon Models Published

AT&T and Verizon are pure evil: They are the only two carriers in the world to lock down their Samsung Galaxy S 4 models. This would generally mean that extensive software modifications would be impossible, but thanks to some amazing developers, that is no longer the case!

If you remember, back when the AT&T Galaxy S 4 was released, a man by the name of Dan Rosenberg posted a photo of the bootloader being unlocked. He didn’t release the exploit, or it could have been patched in the month it took for Verizon to release their model. But now that both models are out, so is his exploit! However, keep in mind that this is an unlock method geared towards developers. Read: it’s not easy. If you’re a casual ROM flasher, wait a while. Developers will create easier methods, maybe even one click automated methods, out of this exploit. Dan Rosenberg just set the stage for us!

However, if you don’t want to be unofficially unlocking your device (it is indeed a warranty voiding hack), you can also buy a bootloader unlocked Developer Edition sometime soon. And if you’re an AT&T customer, you’ll also be able to get the Google Edition Galaxy S 4. We have a lot of options!

It’s pretty incredible what developers do. If you want to read more about to exploit, or even try it for yourself (at your own risk), hit the source links for the information and files! It’s exciting when developers do the seemingly impossible. Will you be unlocking your Galaxy S 4 bootloader?

XDA-Developers | Azimuth: Exploit Info | Android Central

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