Samsung Galaxy S 4 Mini Leaks Once Again, Poses Next To Big Brother


While Samsung has yet to drop any hints that a Samsung Galaxy S 4 mini is on the way, the internet is taking care of that with yet another leaked look. Weibo user PunkPanda, who has an established track record of leaking Samsung devices early showed off the device with a set of new pictures. The device itself is once again compared next to its big brother, the Samsung Galaxy S 4 showing just how “mini” it is next to a 5″ display. The device is rumored to sport a 4.3″ display, dual-core 1.6GHz processor and 8 megapixel camera.

Pricing, availability and market launches are all unknown, but at least we have some more leaked pics to hold us over until Samsung makes this one official.

Engadget via PunkPanda

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