Samsung Introduces SideSync, Making Your Phone A Part Of Your (Samsung) PC

Samsung is introducing a new feature called SideSync, which basically makes your Samsung phone an extension of your PC. Not only can your mouse go off the edge of your computer screen and to your phone, but you can also copy text from your PC and paste it into your phone, and vice versa. And best of all, you can just drag files across to the phone to transfer them. You can also simply keep your phone on your computer screen as a big “virtualization,” using the mouse to use it on your own computer screen.

This is an absolutely awesome feature, and best of all, it’s free! You can get it from the Samsung app store. However, there’s a caveat: It only works with Samsung PCs. Samsung PCs come with this app preloaded, so you will need that to communicate with your phone. Samsung, this strategy of excluding what is probably 99% of PCs will not get you more PC sales. Just a protip. So if you happen to have a Samsung PC, hit the source link and try it out.

Samsung Apps | Droid-Life

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