Samsung May Be Creating A “Design 3.0″

I know a lot of people think Samsung’s design is stale. And while I don’t agree, I can definitely see why some would say that. Their first iteration of devices, or what we would call their “Design 1.0″ in this case, were fairly square. The Galaxy S, Galaxy S II, Galaxy Note, and their various cheaper counterparts followed a very similar, boxy design. Then came the second iteration, with the nature-inspired Galaxy S III. It was transferred onto the Note II, Galaxy S 4, and most likely will be the design of the upcoming Galaxy Note III. This design has barely been around for a year and people are calling it stale? I don’t quite get it.

However, Samsung doesn’t seem to want to grow stale. Their second design iteration will soon become two years old, and it seems Samsung thinks it will be time to retire it. Today, a meeting was held in Samsung HQ in Seoul, Korea. All the high ranking executives were there, and they met to discuss their plans for their new design. This design is currently dubbed “Design 3.0.”

“During the conference, new ideas on current design trend in the electronics market and strategies were exchanged,” Yoon said. “Everyone at the meeting agreed that consumers should be able to identify Samsung products easily.”

“Design 3.0,” Samsung Electronics’ new design strategy, focuses not only on external beauty and technical practicality of new products, but also about creating positive values and connecting with consumers, the company said.

What could this mean for consumers? Will it just be a new look, or will this be a material redesign too? We would like something a little more premium than plastic, though as a Samsung user, I can’t really complain. Knowing Samsung, they’ll do something interesting with the device. What do you want to see from Design 3.0? Leave a comment!


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