Samsung May Be Deciding Between Three Different Galaxy Note III Designs

There is always some “leaked” information flying around about unreleased phones, but often it simply isn’t even realistic. However, while this is not official, or confirmed, or anything of the sort, at least it sounds feasible.

Samsung is currently deciding between three different designs, currently all prototypes, for the upcoming Galaxy Note III. The first one is fairly obvious, and exactly what they did with the two previous generations of Note smartphone: the Galaxy S 4 design. This prototype looks similar to what the S 4 looks like now, with minor tweaks. This is a probable choice, though many won’t like it.

The second option is a completely different design. There are no details, but looking at previous rumors, it might be more “premium” in build quality. Other rumors stated that Samsung was worried by HTC’s all metal One design, so they might be cooking up something special.

The last is a flexible display design. This is of course the least likely. Yes, the technology exists, but Samsung has acknowledged that it has problems at the moment. And either way, I personally see no use in a flexible display when the materials around it won’t be so flexible.

Again, this is absolutely unconfirmed, but it’s exactly what we heard they did with the Galaxy S III. They made many prototypes, then decided on the best design. So which design would you most prefer? Tell us in the comments!


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