Samsung Outsells All Other Smartphone Vendors In First Quarter of 2013

Samsung is rising, and according to a Korean website called Yonhap, they were the world’s number 1 smartphone seller in Q1 of 2013. They sold $23.62 billion worth of smartphones in those three months. This is compared to Apple, who got second place with $22.9 billion worth of smartphones sold. It’s quite a small difference, but it’s good to see an Android manufacturer on top. Now time to get another one in second place!

Unfortunately, this does not mean that they earned the most. Apple had an income ratio of 31%, and Samsung comes into second with 21.8%, which is a huge margin. But with the Galaxy S 4 already out and selling like crazy, Q2 sales could look even better. We’ll find out soon, shall we? Do you like seeing Samsung on top? Or would you prefer someone else to be selling more? Leave a comment!


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