Samsung Releases Commercial For Galaxy S 4 Showing Off Its New Features

Samsung’s new commercial is for their Galaxy S 4 and is set at a graduation pool party. As most Samsung commercials, it actually shows the features in real scenarios, something many other companies (smartphone or not) really have to learn. For example, in one shot, the guy answers his phone by waving his arm above it because his hands were covered in sauce from the ribs he was eating. That’s pretty damn useful, and I didn’t even think of that.

Other features shown off were the action shot camera feature, Air View, S Beam, the IR blaster with the remote app, and others. And what is a Samsung commercial without a shot at Apple? The iPhone lacking NFC was referred to as “not as smart” as the Galaxy S 4. Quite simple, no bashing, just calling out on missing features. It’s a pretty good commercial, if not a little over the top (which is Samsung’s style). Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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